How to choose a quality rearview car camera?

To choose a quality rearview camera in line with your requirement, you should consider about comprehensive factors, such as chip, definition, night vision, waterproof and shockproof series etc. In the following,  I will introduce some specifications of rearview car camera you need to pay attention. I hope this article will help you .


CCD and COMS chip are the important components of reversing camera, having waterproof and shockproof  features, divided into CCD and COMS by different element of them. COMS is mainly used in lower image products, taking less cost and power than CCD but having a higher requirement for light source. CCD is high end technology with video capture card, used in photography. CCD is totally different from CMOS in the technology and performance,  in generally, CCD has a better effect, more expensive than COMS, so if you don’t care about the price, I advise you choose a CCD camera.


Definition is an important standard to distinguish quality camera.  Higher definition car cameras show better quality image. High definition up to 420 line has been the mainstream of reversing camera , if it can be adjusted well, 380 line also can be selected.  According to different chip level of cameras, different photosensitive components  and the debugger’s ability, the same product with same chip and level will show different quality effect, even night vision of high definition product is also decreasing.

Night vision

Night vision is connected with the definition of car camera, high definition car camera is always not good, because of chip itself, but quality car camera usually have the function of night vision not influencing image effect, which means it is clear to see just without colorful image.

In summary, you can purchase a rearview car camera from these factors, but the main thing is to compare with the reality effect of image.