How to identify reversing act and transform rearview function by wireless car navigation system

Car camera divides into wire line and wireless, the wire car camera is easy and reliable for installation but needs to install wire line on the car; wireless car camera technology have got a significant improvement, just needs a wireless receiving module without wire line, it is more convenient to install than the wire line car camera.

How wireless car navigation system control the display between frontwards and backwards ?

The easiest and reliable way is to enter the key of portable navigation, for transforming the rearview reversing function. Enter the transformation key before the user reverses and then you can enter it again after you finish reversing for restoring frontwards display. This easiest and reliable way don’t need to increase other device in the part of bracket extending, but you have to operate by yourself, it is not intelligent and it is not convenient for driver – reversing needs drivers’ eyes, hands and feet, so there is no other spare time to enter a key.

The second way is to test a reversing signal by accessing the control signal on the reversing light. When the user is hanging the reverse gear, the reverse light is on and there will be a switch signal to control reversing image system.  More intelligent, more reliable and higher accuracy.

The third way is to instantly test whether CVBS signal is efficiency or not, for distinguishing whether the user is reversing or not. If it is reversing, open the reversing car camera to send a CVBS composite video signal to PND interior through the bracket. If the PND test this video signal as efficiency signal, the vehicle will know it is in reversing status. This is the most intelligent and most accuracy way to identify reversing act at present.

Whatever, as we all know the society and technology is in growing quickly, we live in a technology times, so we should follow with the step of society, giving ourselves a safer driving environment for our family and our friends.