About Us


Here, at ICU Car Cameras, we are strong believers of truth. We believe that truth is a guiding force of fairness on the road, and that truth always provides justice for safe drivers. Our vision is to provide safe drivers with a way of maintaining their integrity on the road, helping to protect their assets at home, at work and elsewhere from fraud or false blame. When you use an ICU car camera, the truth will always come to light.


ICU Car Cameras is based in Florida, USA, but we are proud to help drivers around the world protect themselves from being wrongly accused on the road or falling victim to accident fraud. Our company operates on convenience, practicality and simplicity – and so do the cameras we stand behind. ICU’s car cameras give drivers peace of mind, allowing them to drive confidently knowing they’re protected.


Of course, at ICU Car Cameras, we offer the finest quality, most versatile car cameras that help protect you on and off the road. But what sets us apart is our aim to make protecting yourself easy. That’s why all of our cameras come pre-installed with memory cards to save you the time and money of having to purchase one yourself. ICU wants to make sure you have a safer time on the road, and drive with confidence knowing that your trip is being recorded for your protection.