A dashcam describes a camera mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle. The variety and availability of these dashboard cameras steadily climbs as global demand grows. More drivers are recognizing the benefits of installing dashcams, and the demand for an affordable, high quality digital protection unit is rising.

A dashcam has many uses. On the road, you can protect yourself from wrongful fault and accusations in accidents using video recordings from your dashcam. And if you like off-roading or track driving, you can also record your experiences for viewing pleasure.

An on board car camera records your driving experiences onto a micro SD card. This memory card is removable from the unit and can be inserted into a computer or other micro SD-compatible device. Dashboard cameras have functions that trigger special recording events based on your car’s position and movement. Rapid acceleration or a sudden stop would trigger a recording event. This feature makes it easy to skip to a certain point in recording during video playback.

Anyone concerned about safety on the road should considering using a dashcam. If you’ve been in a collision or near accident situation, you would find a car camera very useful. Dashcam footage is usable in court, and you can use this video evidence to corroborate events and show what really happened. In situations where the law finds you automatically at fault, like in rear end collisions, dashcam video footage can clear the air, and your name. Car enthusiasts should also consider a car camera, if only to track day-to-day driving events and recording off-road and track events.

No driver likes to think about being in a collision, but doesn’t it make sense to be prepared? With the recent spike in fraudulent car accident claims, there is even more reason to be protected. With a dashcam, you can protect your insurance premiums from unfair increases in the event of a collision. Motorists today conjure up any story to blame the other driver. It doesn’t need to be your word against theirs when a car camera is your eye witness.

You can count on it ! From taxi cars to personal vehicles to eighteen-wheelers, all of our car cameras are compatible with any motor vehicle.

The unit can be powered directly via the included cigarette adapter.

Our units are easy to install and come plug and play instructions. Try installing your camera this way: first insert the memory card into the unit, secure the unit to its dashboard mount, stick the mount onto your front windshield. Next you need to secure the mount and plug the free end of the charging cable into your car’s cigarette lighter. Finally, open the unit’s LCD screen and adjust it to a comfortable position. The unit is easy to install and comes with instructions for plug and play use. For more details you can see the unit’s included manual.

Yes, of course ! Any and all recorded footage on your car camera can be submitted to court as evidence.

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